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Get It Dunn Fitness

Don't Just Get Fit, Get Dunn

A Person Will Pay For What's Important To Them.

Our mission is to unlock the potential in children struggling childhood obesity, by encouraging weight loss, providing nutrition education to increase knowledge of the importance of a healthy diet , transforming their minds to encourage all through positive motivation while having fun.

The recent rise in childhood obesity is due largely to complex changes occurring in the social and physical environments of children. Reversing the trend in childhood obesity requires engaging various organizations and donors will aid in our objective to improve the quality of our children's lives. Get It Dunn Fitness began over 10 years ago, with a passion to improve each child’s quality of life. Get It Dunn Fitness has assisted over 1,000 children, with a total weight loss of 4,000 lbs. Our fitness program is focused on the overall nutritional and physical improvement of each child. We believe that with the proper balance of mental and physical support, we can change the way our children view their nutritional and physical heath. Our five stage program will ultimately eliminate child obesity as a whole. Our approach includes:

  • To use a coordinate approach to develop, implement and evaluate healthy eating and physical activity policies and practices.
  • To Establishing environments that support healthy eating and physical activity.
  • provide a quality meal program and ensure that children have only appealing healthy food and beverage choices.
  • To implement a comprehensive physical activity program with quality physical education as the cornerstone.
  • Implementing health education that provides children with the knowledge , attitude and experiences needed for healthy eating and physical activity.

To become each child’s advocate on their road to a healthier productive life.

To ultimately eliminate child obesity.

Please click the donation link to make a donation.Thanks in advance for your donations.