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Get It Dunn Fitness

Don't Just Get Fit, Get Dunn

A Person Will Pay For What's Important To Them.

Marcous Dunn is the founder and CEO of Get It Dunn Fitness. He is a young black Entrepreneur, Author, Life Coach, Mentor, Father, Master Trainer and Playwright/Screenwriter. He has over 15 years of formal and hands-on-experience. Regarded by his clients, as the BEST trainer in the area, Marcous is revolutionizing fitness by creating an environment that truly supports a lifestyle change.

Marcous has a Bachelors Degree in Liberal Arts with a minor in Sports Science from North Carolina A&T State University. He also has years of experience in the Sports Medicine field. He trains athletes from elementary school to professional level.

Buy his book and look out for him on Live Streams, TV Shows, Radio Shows and Theatrical Events. Let's Change Lives. Mother's and Father's you're not in this alone. If Marcous Dunn has touched your life in the last 10 years that he has been in Charlotte, show him you appreciate him by purchasing a copy of his book.

"Physical Fitness is 85% mental and 15% physical, the real transformation begins in your mind, allow Get It Dunn Fitness to transform your life!!!" - Marcous Dunn



919-798-7942 ▪ [email protected]


To obtain an assistant or managerial position within physical therapy or sports medicine fields. 

Education and Training

  • North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University (December, 2006)
  • Bachelor of Liberal Arts: Minor in Sports Medicine, Greensboro, NC
  • Johnson C. Smith University (August 2006)
  • Fitness and Wellness Management
  • Technician and Pharmacist Trainee (May 2002-August 2006)
  • Pharmacy Operations


Fitness Manager and Trainer ▪ June 2013 – Present

Dunn Fitness, LLC ▪ 7716 Pence Road, Charlotte, NC 28215

  • Being present twenty four hours daily to initiate the opening of Dunn’s Fitness Center to train various clients based on their personal needs and availability. Actively hire and terminate fitness staff, complete schedules weekly, prepare payroll, manage inventory and budgets, mentor and guide staff members for optimization.
  • Complete an inventory and screening to assure that all prescription drugs, vitamins, and enhancements are safe for clients while training as it pertains to their health and fitness.
  • Serve as a personal trainer to small organizations, individual and large groups through social media, advanced technology or in person.

Elite Certified Personal Trainer ▪ August 2009 – May 2012

Lifestyle Family and Fitness ▪ Raleigh, NC and Charlotte, NC 28215

Training and Managerial Duties:

  • Responsibilities overview includes: physical therapy, rehabilitation services and personal training services for individuals who were retired or returning athletes; serve as personal trainer to local business owners and local residents; design workout routines for individual needs.
  • Instruct and evaluate personnel on the hiring and terminating of staff members to continue to grow the organization; conduct scheduling, payroll, managing inventory and budgets, provide mentoring and guidance to entry level staff members in team development, while teaching & performing intricate steps necessary to train professionally by way of communicating with physicians and insurance providers to ensure excellent customer service.
  • Participate in operational meetings, prepare grant proposals, assist with merchandising and marketing presentations while reviewing new or discontinued items within bulletin operations online and on-site to help further business operations.

Customer Service Duties:

  • Service and satisfy the customer(s) health care needs in and out of a 250 mile radius with open communication with customers/clients and patients while protecting their confidential health and drug information to provide counsel those having medical questions.
  • Solicit information on a customer(s) medical history to give appropriate medical advice.
  • Maintain inventory levels by following defined training practices and healthcare guidelines using the Telxon machine.
  • Utilize drug usage reports to adjust metabolic intake while maintaining a perpetual consumption schedule to promote muscle or body fat shrinkage.
  • Communicate and interact with physicians, dentists, nurses and others in health related fields to better serve our customers/clients, ensure compliance with all company procedures and federal and state laws, rules and regulations.


  • Respond to alarm calls, coordinate and implement the Training and Development of Training Technicians, Interns and other Physical Therapist/Professional Trainers.
  • Establish, coordinates and maintain the work schedule to best serve the needs of the customer and in accordance with budgeted payroll hours.
  • Seek out competitive information regarding prices, wages, services offered; actively participate in the HEALTHWISE program, help cover when needed during time of illness or vacations, complete manual claim form listing, and call in weekly sales, hours and script information.
  • Complete inventory control log, adjust merchandise facings, and record necessary transactions on reconciliation log to maintain functionality of organization. 

Equipment Manager and Assistant ▪ June 2004 – 2008

Fitness and Wellness Center ▪ 1601 East Market Street, Greensboro, NC 27411

  • Provide rehabilitation services, wrap and secure ankles from fractures/springs. ​
  • Assist the leading equipment manager in daily assignments in sports medicine.
  • Assist with setting the fields on campus for practices and game day.
  • Handle the football equipment for the players and interact as a ball player myself.


  • CEO Get It Dunn’s Fitness, LLC
  • Dunn Fitness Mentoring Facilitator, Non-Profit
  • Certified Fitness Trainer
  • Professional Healthcare Coordinator
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office
  • Community Involvement

Youth Mentor: Boys and Girls Club of Raleigh, NC (Spring 2002 to Present)

  • Mentor of a collaboration program between K-12 students needing guidance academically and personally during the school year and summer sessions.
  • This program provides children with support for those misfortune the families or children in foster homes needing assistance dealing with real life changes while transitioning into adulthood.
  • Hundreds of students and families have benefited from this program.